Osiris Projects has announced the purchase of the new SeaBat T20-P from regular supplier Teledyne RESON. The first addition to the SeaBat T-Series, the T20-P is a highly portable multibeam echo sounder designed for smaller vessels, and features a range of features ideally suited to high quality shallow water data acquisition. 

With an operating frequency of 200-400kHz, the T20-P is comparable in features to the popular SeaBat 7125 system, with a configurable beamformer, high-density beams with multiple detection capabilities, water-column and intelligent automation; making the unit a versatile solution. Despite being compact, the new SeaBat T20-P is reliable and highly robust, designed to withstand the most challenging marine environments.

Osiris Projects is pleased to be among the first to purchase the new system following the T20-P launch at Ocean Business in April. Survey Manager Gustav Pettersson commented “We are pleased to be among the first to use to the new SeaBat T20-P unit. It will be a great addition to our smaller survey vessels, where a compact unit is ideal, but still gives us the high quality data we require. Osiris Projects have a long-standing relationship with Teledyne RESON and we continue to be impressed with their product offerings”. Teledyne RESON Sales Manager Ms Mairi Law further commented “Following the live demo at OB’13 of the new SeaBat, we were overwhelmed by the client response and I’m delighted that Osiris will be amongst the first to benefit from the system performance”.

Osiris Hydrographic & Geophysical Projects (Osiris Projects) specialize in the acquisition, interpretation and reporting of highly accurate and precisely positioned seabed and sub-seabed data. The company was founded in 1997 by Directors Andy McLeay and Jim Walters, and over the past 15 years of operation has established itself as a leading marine survey contractor in the UK and Europe.

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