At depth In-situ program improves productivity for Energy and Oceanographic Operations

OceanGate Inc., a global provider of manned submersible solutions for commercial, research and military applications announced today the start of a collaborative in situ equipment testing program with partner Teledyne BlueView Inc. The collaboration will focus on dive opportunities where both the client and vendor work side by side to document the effectiveness of specific technology and fine tune their testing requirements to see product benefits immediately. The first test dive took place last week in Puget Sound, near downtown Seattle, with a crew that included Kim Lehmann, President of Teledyne RESON & Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging Group, Scott Bachelor, GM of Teledyne BlueView, Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate, Neil McCurdy, COO of OceanGate and Dr. Erika Montague, OceanGate’s Director of Science and Technology. For the equipment test dive requirements, OceanGate used BlueView’s ProViewer and P900 sonar imaging system. Teledyne management was able to see first hand some of the challenges facing typical sonar clients. The OceanGate Team highlighted the operability of the new BlueView software and its extreme value to subsea special awareness and navigation, while Teledyne’s team witnessed the importance of electronic configurations related to the host power source, ground fault tolerance and other user integration challenges.

“OceanGate has been a partner with BlueView from the beginning and the dives last week provided a lot of value to both our organizations from a client and vendor perspective,” said Kim Lehmann, President of Teledyne RESON & Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging Group. “Through the expedition and equipment-testing model, clients are able to create real-time sonar imagery from targets of interest while validating equipment settings with eyes-on-site direct comparison. Having a group of individuals at depth working on real applications is extremely beneficial and only enhances our ability to serve the marine market.”

“OceanGate wanted to launch an equipment testing program that would help subsea technology companies sell their products and services,“ said Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate Inc. “This is an industry first collaboration that allows Teledyne BlueView to go to depth with their multi-beam sonars and prospective clients so they can see the benefits of the high quality imagery directly.”

Over the next year OceanGate will employ BlueView sonar technology on a variety of expeditionary and research missions in the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic to showcase use-case scenarios, document equipment testing and validation, and increase the visibility of enabling tools and technology focused on deep-water operations.

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