National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) President Erik G. Milito issued the following statement after the NOIA Board of Directors approved the establishment of the NOIA Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Principles and Program:

“By representing the entire ecosystem of the offshore energy industry, NOIA is in a unique position to lead on ESG issues. NOIA’s ESG Committee establishes a programmatic effort through the NOIA ESG Network to share, develop and promote best practices across the industry. From top to bottom, NOIA members embrace ESG principles as dedicated stewards of the environment and of local communities, and the NOIA ESG Network will serve to unify and align their efforts. Through innovation, best practices and deployment of advanced technologies, our industry can help solve the pressing environmental and climate challenges facing our communities.”

NOIA Environmental, Social & Governance Founding Principles

Following are the foundational NOIA ESG principles:

  • NOIA member companies provide the energy that is essential for our everyday lives and raises the quality of life of our communities, reducing poverty and hunger while promoting good health and well-being.
  • NOIA member companies operate in coastal and ocean environments with safety, health, environmental protection and sustainability as core values.
  • NOIA member companies share a commitment to a high standard of corporate citizenship and continuous improvement in environmental, social and governance performance.
  • NOIA member companies recognize the risks of climate change and, as innovators, we strive to contribute solutions and best practices to optimally balance societal and environmental needs.

Click here to see the full list of NOIA ESG principles.

Martin Stauble, Vice President Exploration for North America and Brazil of Shell serves as the NOIA ESG Committee chair and Paul Howes, President & CEO of Newpark Resources, serves as the vice chair. The offshore energy industry performs at a high level on environmental, social and governance issues and NOIA looks forward to working with policymakers, stakeholders and the public to elevate corporate citizenship performance.

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