NBOSI Unveils New Visual Identity

NBOSI Unveils New Visual Identity

Neil Brown Ocean Sensors, Inc. (NBOSI) has announced the launch of its new visual identity, symbolizing a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation in marine technology.

NBOSI, a specialist developer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (CTD) sensors for subsea and surface ocean vehicle operations, proudly unveils its new logo, the result of working on a new visual identity (VI) for the company in its 21st year of operation.

Founded by Dr. Ray Schmitt, Bob Petitt, and the late Neil Brown, whose collective vision was to pioneer accurate, reliable sensors that optimize mission performance for subsea and surface ocean vehicle operations, technology tailored for the dynamic challenges of mobile ocean platforms.

Saltwater Stone, a leading PR and design agency specializing in maritime communications, was selected to create NBOSI’s new VI. The aim was to produce a modern, global facing, and outward looking VI with a wide reach across multiple markets, with a look and feel appropriate for emerging technologies.

Led Creative Director Alan Yorston, the brand’s personality is expressed in a precise and confident way, with the design of the logotype referencing the advanced marine sensor technology and the ocean space in which NBOSI operates. The new visual identity communicates a robust and rigorous brand rooted in its heritage, confident in the proven technology of its data gathering, knowledgeable of the ocean environments it thrives in, and bold about its ambitions for growth and innovation.

Alan Yorston collaborated closely with NBOSI's leadership team to conceptualize and execute a visual identity that encapsulates the company's commitment to technological excellence, and honors Neil Brown's pioneering spirit.

Dr. Dave Fratantoni, CEO of NBOSI, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, "Working with Saltwater Stone has been a seamless and rewarding journey. Their expertise and creative vision perfectly complemented our objectives in redefining our visual identity. We are thrilled with the outcome, which aptly reflects NBOSI's position as a trusted partner, boasting decades of field experience in the ocean environment, and delivering cutting-edge CTD sensor technology for mobile platforms."


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