As constantly being on the forefront on R&D, MMT is pleased to announce their participation and sponsorship on the investigation on the 530 year old wreck Gribshunden outside Ronneby, Sweden. MMT and MARIS (the Maritime Archaeological Research Institute) at Södertörn University have evaluated different techniques to map archaeological remains. The wreck Gribshunden has been one of the projects among others such as wreck investigations in the Baltic Sea on Mars, Lost Landscapes and Traveling Man.

Johan Rönnby from MARIS takes a picture of Professor Jonathan Adams when he signs the galeons figure. (copywright MARIS)

MMTs former survey vessel Triad mapped the wreck site of Gribshunden with multibeam echo sounders and we used a Blue View 3d sonar scanner on a stand next to the wreckage. This method provides a high resolution 3d model and an excellent overview of the wreck and surrounding area. Photographic material is now gathered in order to build photogrammetry of the wreck site. The data will be processed by MMT and the different techniques will be combined to create an accurate and high resolution image of the wreck site.

The commercial version of this kind of survey, using the still imagery for photogrammetry, is introduced with the new Survey ROV – Surveyor Interceptor (SROV). MMT has developed this high speed Survey ROV together with their Norwegian partners Reach Subsea. The combination of the SROV and the photogrammetry delivers amazing results in commercial contexts.

All data collected on Gribshunden will serve as a foundation for planning future excavations.

This year, the research vessel Svanen was used. This is a 10m long catamaran, equipped with the mapping technology and expertise from MMT, and the vessel is financed by the main owner of MMT (Carl Douglas) in order to support coastal archeology and technology development.

The regional museums Blekinge museum and Kalmar läns museum are local partners in the Gribshunden excavations.

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