The recently launched Ramform Titan of international marine oil and gas exploration research specialist Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) is reputedly the world's most efficient and powerful seismic research ship. James Fisher Mimic (JFM) has delivered a state-of-the-art condition monitoring solution for this vessel, enabling a highly efficient and proactive approach to maintenance.

The JFM condition monitoring system provided includes both process data and vibration signature data collection and recording along with analytical tools. The software (known as Mimic) also displays the vessel's spectrographic oil analysis results and passes this, as well as other forms of condition data, back to the PGS shore facility in Oslo, Norway.

In addition to providing its Mimic software and hardware installation on the Ramform Titan, JFM also delivered on-board training to allow the crew to collect and analyse maintenance data. In this way, service and repair operations can be based on the true condition of equipment rather than being calculated – more traditionally and less efficiently – on a purely time basis. This proactive approach to maintenance, based on sophisticated condition monitoring, enables the vessel's operational availability to be increased while also optimizing the cost and resources dedicated to service and repair.

JFM engineers sailed with the Ramform Titan on the first leg of her delivery voyage from the Mitsubishi yard in Nagasaki, Japan, to undertake the baseline vibration signature levels to ensure that a comprehensive and accurate start point was obtained for condition monitoring using the Mimic system. Whilst on board, the opportunity was also taken to conduct a thermograhic (infrared) imaging survey of critical electrical equipment. This provides a visual check of the systems and helps to confirm that they are safe to operate. In addition to this, the thermographic survey provides a baseline data set against which future regular preventative maintenance checks can be compared.

PGS has recently migrated all of its fleet onto the IFS ERP system, including each vessel's maintenance scheduler. The company intends to work with JFM to integrate the IFS and Mimic systems to provide a one-stop shop for maintenance management.

"The Ramform Titan is a a new class of vessel and James Fisher Mimic is proud to have been selected by Petroleum Geo-Services to provide our Mimic condition monitoring solution," commented Martin Briddon, engineering manager at JFM. "Oil and gas exploration is crucial to the world's industrial economies, and we are proud that our state-of-the-art Mimic condition monitoring solution will help both to improve the Ramform Titan's operational availability and to reduce its maintenance costs."


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