The World Ocean Council (WOC) is working to keep the ocean business community and other ocean stakeholders informed of, and linked to, the ocean economy and culture as part of advancing ocean sustainable development.

Photo 4 volumesThe four volume The Sea in History produced by Océanides provides decision-makers and other ocean stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the interaction between humankind and the ocean. The 5,000 years of History of the Sea has been documented by over 260 experts through a 5-year Project by Océanides.

Mr. Hervé Guillou, CEO of DCNS, one of Océanides’ main donors, stated, “These impressive books confirm the importance of the ocean in human development through history. They illustrate the key role of the ocean economic activity in providing transport, food, energy and other goods and services essential to civilization. The future of the ocean depends of the efforts and ability of leadership companies to collaborate in addressing sustainable development.”

Neil Baird, Chairman, World Ocean Council, and member of the Committee of Honour of the Oceanides association, added: “Having always been obsessed with the sea, ships, boats, maritime history and the marine environment, I find it difficult to understand why, apparently, the vast majority of the world’s population are almost completely disinterested in such matters. To me, maritime matters are the most important things affecting our planet. After all, the seas cover some seventy per cent of it.”

“That is why I am absolutely delighted that Association Océanides has so successfully completed the massive task of publishing this set of four beautiful, brilliantly researched and completely comprehensive books that so well record the history of mankind’s vital relationship with the sea. I trust that their publication will lead to a global realization of the importance of that relationship in every respect.”

Ocean experts from 40 countries and across the disciplines worked for 5 years to examine and compile the history of the sea through geographical, political and economic lenses. Their results document how the ocean has been, and will continue to be, a key driving force of human development - and that human activity, and how it is managed, will determine the future of the ocean.

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