Hägglunds Wins OTC’s Spotlight on New Technology Award™

Hägglunds Wins OTC’s Spotlight on New Technology Award™
The award-winning Atom motor from Hägglunds has a maximum power in minimum space and is used for mobile, maritime and recycling applications (Image source: Bosch Rexroth AG)

Hägglunds won the Spotlight on New Technology™ Award from the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC 2023) for the Atom motor which is the world's most compact powerful gearless drive that can be used to convert electric energy or diesel power to rotary motion.

With compactness, reliability and long service life, the Atom supplies not only more revolutions per minute, but also far more power than motors of similar size.

The Hägglunds Atom is a powerhouse in miniature, with a maximum torque of up to 13.6 kNm and an outer diameter of only 350 mm. It has a maximum speed up to 400 rpm, depending on frame size. All sizes allow maximum pressure up to and including its maximum speed, meaning an output power of up to 394 kW – _with a motor weight of 52 to 102 kg.

To build up efficient machines required for a sustainable energy transition, the Atom contributes by reducing the equipment size and weight, without compromising motion accuracy or dynamic but reducing the energy consumption, downtime, and overall emissions.

The Hägglunds Atom is suitable for mobile, maritime and recycling applications. The compact and lightweight motor fits easily on a winch on land or at sea, for example. Besides its peak pressure of up to 420 bar lets it deal easily with shock loads. That opens the door to smaller shredders and other machines in tough and unpredictable applications.

In 2021 Bosch Rexroth won for their High Force and Low Voltage Subsea Valve Actuator (SVA) to enable the implementation of the ALL SUBSEA FACTORY in BROWN Fields, and in 2022 for the SVA R2 – The world´s first electric Subsea Valve Actuator with safety by springs, as compact as hydraulic actuators.

For more information: www.boschrexroth-us.com/hagglundsatom


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