CSA Unveils FMVsea at Esri Ocean GIS Forum in November

CSA staff to unveil new service during the upcoming Esri Ocean GIS Forum

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) announces their release of FMVsea a unique service provided by CSA’s Environmental Data and Geospatial Services (EDGS) division. FMVsea is a Full Motion Video service that supports creation of integrated digital video and GIS products (FMV) that will revolutionize the collection, interpretation, and visualization of information collected during field surveys. Features include on-the-fly FMV creation, interactive target identification and a projected field of view bounding box for setting context. FMVsea and the associated services allow actual creation of the Full Motion Video, batching processing, customized target dictionary development, video resizing for better performance in ArcGIS Desktop and video conversion to different formats, all fully compatible with Esri products.

To share more about the FMVsea service capabilities, Ms. Sarah Franklin (GISP), the Geospatial Services Coordinator at CSA, will give a co-authored Lightning Talk, “Application of Full Motion Video in Marine Surveys,” describing how analysts at CSA fuse raw video and spatial data, then use ArcGIS Desktop and the Esri Full Motion Video Add-In to expedite data analysis. We will illustrate how analysts extract spatial marine features from videos, reducing analysis time and placing observations of corals, sponges, fishes, etc. directly into a GIS framework. CSA has also provided scientists the added value of a continuously updated bounding box representing the camera’s field-of-view that is calculated and displayed in ArcGIS Desktop. This provides scale for objects in the video, enables users to evaluate spatial parameters, and, when combined with other data layers such as bathymetry or habitat maps, provides immediate context for what they are seeing in the video.

For those attending the meeting, please visit our booth (#109) to meet Sarah for more information on these and other CSA services and products.