Back in the 80's, ASL was leasing equipment such as the Neil Brown ACM2 acoustic current meter and the Aanderaa RCM4 rotor and vane current meter. This was before Doppler profilers were introduced by RDI. The RCM4's and our first CTD, an AML STD12+, recorded to tape.



Now their lease pool contains over 50 TRDI ADCPs (75 through 1200 kHz, including StreamPro, RiverRay and Sentinel-V), about 100 water quality loggers and profilers (RBR and Seabirds, profilers and loggers, some with Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, and Chlorophyll), over 70 EdgeTech acoustic releases (PORTs, CARTs) and deck boxes, a dozen wave and tide pressure gauges, various acoustic pingers and transponders, almost 20 Ice and Zooplankton-Fish Profilers, various Iridium and ARGOS satellite beacons and RF/flashers, flotation and mooring cages and bottom frames, and Niskin bottles and grab samplers.

ASL global clients include Oil & Gas, Engineering firms, Mining, Renewable Energy, Consultants, and Government agencies.

An extensive lease pool of oceanographic equipment is available. ASL is proud of their ongoing commitment to quality field performance, prompt delivery, and dedicated oceanographers on staff. Help with program planning, field services and data analysis is also available.

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