Aquatec Group Launches 2014 Equipment Awards

Aquatec launched their third annual Equipment Awards on 1st April 2014, following a second successful year in 2013. The awards are designed to give students and early career researchers the opportunity to use high-tech, commercially established instrumentation for their innovative and original research.

Three awards are up for grabs, covering a range of instruments from a wireless temperature and depth logger to a sophisticated, cutting edge acoustic suspended sediment profiler. The awards give a loan of the instrument (varying from 6 weeks to 3 months), and a travel grant to allow the results of the research to be presented at a national or international conference.

Graduate students and university researchers in the first two years following graduation are eligible, and are encouraged to apply for the awards before the 30th April deadline.

• Award 1 - 3 month loan of an AQUAscat 1000R acoustic suspended sediment profiler + £500 travel grant
• Award 2 - 2 month loan of an AQUAlogger 210TYPT10 turbidity, temperature and pressure logger + £300 travel grant
• Award 3 - 6 week loan of an AQUAlogger 530WTD wireless temperature and depth logger + £250 travel grant

Further information can be found on the Aquatec website,