Aquatic-AQCS-01-1500-maiden-project---2Aquatic Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd, an Acteon company and subsidiary of Aquatic Engineering & Construction Ltd, has successfully completed its new carousel, the AQCS-01-1500 maiden project. Aquatic partnered with integrated subsea services provider Kreuz Subsea on the project.

The carousel was successfully used to install 9.7km of 218mm diameter umbilical in the South Belut field offshore Indonesia for ConocoPhillips. As the installation contractor Kreuz Subsea engaged Aquatic Asia Pacific to mobilize the modular carousel system onto the Seamec Princess Vessel and transpool the umbilical prior to sailing to the field and laying off the vessel starboard side.

The project saw the Aquatic carousel mobilized for the first time after completing its Factory Acceptance Test in Singapore. Logistically, the first offshore operation for the new carousel was more than sufficient to put it through its paces, requiring three different lengths of flexible product to be spooled onto the carousel at the start of mobilization. Each length was connected to the next using mid-section connectors, each 8m long. The Aquatic team met the challenges of this complex engineering operation, with representatives from Kreuz Subsea observing each stage. The entire operation from equipment mobilization through to transpooling, offshore laying and demobilization was completed within three weeks.

Nick Dale, regional manager for Aquatic Asia Pacific, said, "We work in close contact with clients to facilitate everything they need when operations begin. In this case, the client wanted to be present at mobilization because they recognized this was the first operation of its kind and they were interested in monitoring our progress. We welcome this level of involvement with our client partners as they are able to see first-hand how our people work at a highly competent level to provide solutions on the ground. The Aquatic team has been extremely impressed with the new carousel and appreciated the technical capabilities it brings to offshore operations. The new Aquatic carousel is now proven at sea and is earning its reputation as a game-changer in the offshore subsea industry."

Kurush Contractor, CEO of Kreuz Subsea, commented, "Working with Aquatic towards the successful completion of the project was a mutually supportive and efficient experience. The performance of the new carousel has exceeded our expectations and operations have been completed ahead of schedule. We are already considering how we can work with Aquatic and its 1500te carousel on future operations."

Dale concluded, "We brought the Aquatic carousel to market to meet specific market demands. It had to be designed for the widest possible range of vessels, clients and project variations to maximize its potential future use worldwide. This necessitated specific design and commercial requirements and it is satisfying to see that the engineering and strategic expertise within the business has been more than capable of meeting that challenge."

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