8 Rivers Capital, LLC and JX Nippon Sign MOU for Net Zero Projects on U.S. Gulf Coast

8 Rivers Capital, LLC and JX Nippon Sign MOU for Net Zero Projects on U.S. Gulf Coast

8 Rivers Capital, LLC (8 Rivers), a world-leading net zero solutions provider, and JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation (Toshiya Nakahara, President and CEO), JX Nippon Oil Exploration (U.S.A.) Limited (Manabu Doi, President) (collectively “JX”), have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to evaluate the U.S. Gulf Coast for the commercial-scale deployment of 8 Rivers technologies across ammonia and other net-zero projects, including potential projects using CO2-rich natural gas.

This builds on the existing efforts by JX and 8 Rivers under the Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement signed in November, 2021, working together, to identify and develop unique opportunities in the carbon capture market.

JX Nippon 1As part of their new initiative, JX and 8 Rivers intend to develop a CO2-rich gas calibration program, aiming to economically utilize previously unusable fuel to produce clean energy while sequestering all the CO2, leveraging 8 Rivers’ technological expertise. This program is only one example of how 8 Rivers and JX will work together to deploy technologies that enable the world to meet crucial climate targets.

“As a net-zero solutions provider enabling the world’s largest companies to meet their carbon reduction goals, this continued collaboration with JX shows how significant 8 Rivers’ scalable, deployable technologies are to meeting global climate goals,” said Damian Beauchamp, President and Chief Development Officer of 8 Rivers. “The methane program is only one example of our firms coming together to economically and cleanly address CO₂.”

Tetsuo Yamada, Executive Vice President, commented “This MOU reaffirms our collaboration partnership and commitments towards carbon neutral society. JX strongly believes this joint business development and research activities with 8 Rivers plays important role to accelerate our energy transition journey.”

In a continuation of the comprehensive collaboration agreement between the entities, this latest MOU is the next step in JX deploying 8 Rivers’ technology across projects that decarbonize power and hydrogen generation globally.


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