Since summer 2017, four vessels equipped with analog sonars have been upgraded using RTsys AS3i technology (Analog Surface Ship Sonar Improvement), which will digitalize and improve the processing of signals available to the sensors.

1 ACORE old console new consolePhoto credit: The French Navy

The analogue sonars used on the French Navy frigates have been upgraded in summer 2017, in accordance with the ACORES (revAlorisationCapacitaire des sOnaRs des frégatES i.e Frigate Sonar Capacity Upgrade public procurement program. For this upgrade, RTsys has proposed a reliable solution based on its SDA (Synchronous Data Acquisition) technological core to digitalize and process the signals received without the need to modify the existing transmitters and transducers. It has been installed on three Anti-Submarine Warfare Frigates FASM in Brest (Brittany, France) and on an Anti-Aircraft Frigate FAA based in Toulon by the Mediterranean French coast, thereby providing them with effective digital tools without requiring the costly replacement of the entire sonar system.

2 ACORE new console workingPhoto credit: The French Navy

Improved signal processing significantly enhances reception, as well as the new User Interfaces thanks to the replacement of screens, made possible by signal digitalization. This upgrade means that the frigate sonars have new capabilities such as the ability to mark objects and follow them. In addition, an automatic torpedo detection system running as a background process emits warning signals based on simple detection criteria to attract the operator's attention. The operator nonetheless still decides whether or not to confirm an alert. Implementing the RTsys solution will make these frigate sonars compatible with other digital measuring devices.

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