Orca AI Sets New Milestone with First Naval Partnership

Orca AI Sets New Milestone with First Naval Partnership
Yarden Gross, Orca AI’s Co-founder and CEO (Photo: Orca AI)

Orca AI, a developer of a pioneering AI-based digital watchkeeper, has secured its first deal with a prominent naval body, demonstrating its commitment to enhancing operational security and safety across all maritime sectors.

Orca AI's cutting-edge situational awareness platform stands out as a highly relevant tool in today's complex maritime landscape, where the safety of vessels and marine assets is a paramount concern. By leveraging the power of machine learning and computer vision, the technology significantly enhances navigational safety in low visibility conditions and high-risk regions.

Orca AI"We are honored to collaborate with exceptionally demanding naval forces, ensuring that our innovative solutions fortify operations and protect lives and assets," said Yarden Gross, Orca AI’s Co-founder and CEO.

“This collaboration marks a significant stride in elevating maritime safety and security standards, highlighting the wide application capabilities of the Orca AI platform and our unwavering dedication to pioneering advancements.”

The landmark agreement underscores the relevance of Orca AI's technology for the military marine sector, providing automated digital watchkeeping capabilities that address critical challenges in sensitive operations. These include advanced detection capabilities to detect small targets without AIS identification, such as small vessels and buoys, ensuring comprehensive situational awareness even in scenarios where traditional systems may fall short.

In Radar-silence conditions, where navy vessels must deactivate Radar and other electronic systems to maintain operational security, Orca AI's technology is extremely useful as it allows target detection without relying on Radar, safeguarding vessels from potential monitoring of electromagnetic signals by adversaries.

Orca AI enables proactive threat mitigation for military assets from diverse threats such as piracy, terrorism and airborne/marine drones by empowering personnel to anticipate and counteract these risks, bolstering vessel security and protecting crews and sensitive cargo.



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