Ocean Submarine’s Ultra-Modern Factory Builds Neyk N3 Combat Submarines

Ocean Submarine’s Ultra-Modern Factory Builds Neyk N3 Combat Submarines
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The versatile Neyk N3 Combat Submarine is designed to carry out missions in any areas of the world where threats might occur, the submarine is ideal for the initial disabling of key targets such as radar stations, missile installations and command posts. 

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The product of decades of intensive research and development, this all-new submarine type is less complex and extremely manoeuvrable. With world powers such as Russia and China, investing heavily in new submarines, other countries are looking for advanced solutions to protect their fleets and long coastlines. Capable of performing a wide range of tasks and equipped with multiple weapon systems, the Neyk N3 Combat Submarine is an excellent choice.

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Coastal protection

The Neyk Combat Submarine is ideally suited to protecting long coastlines from submarine and ship attacks. By stationing a line of subs along the coastline in rocky areas, with a small amount of support in manpower, fuel and armaments, the Neyk Combat Submarine can eliminate targets unnoticed. This is in direct contrast to the situation today where entire naval fleets are still easy targets for unexpected attacks. By dispersing and exchanging submarine units in different areas a attack of this kind is made more difficult. In addition, spreading the submarines over a large distance will ensure that different crews cannot be simultaneously affected by chemical attacks or an atomic bomb. 

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Greater distances

Neyk N3 Combat has a special hull shape and slightly larger diving rudder area compared to conventional submarines and is equipped with a new revolutionary power installation which can extract energy during underwater navigation. This ingenious propulsion system means the submarine is not dependent on large batches of batteries, fuel and/or oxygen and generates no noise or vibrations. The Neyk N3 Combat can perform its tasks completely invisibly and cover far greater distances than conventional submarines. 

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These compact, robust and stealthy submarines are tailored for five types of mission: attack, autonomous swimmer delivery, surveillance, mine hunting and as a target vehicle for antisubmarine warfare exercises and training. Ultra-versatile and exceptionally manoeuvrable, the Neyk N3 Combat benefits from many years of R&D in systems, installation, design and armaments. 


Ocean Submarine is specialized in developing small state-of-the-art manned and unmanned submarines with advanced technology capable of performing a wide range of tasks. From their base in Australian, they have been performing intensive research into the development of innovative technologies for submarines for many years. The company is currently working on the latest generation of submarines that can effectively protect coastlines worldwide against threats. 



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