Babcock Awarded Contract to Refit UK Nuclear Submarine

Babcock Awarded Contract to Refit UK Nuclear Submarine
(Image credit: Babcock)

Babcock and the UK’s Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA) have agreed a full cost recovery contract worth an estimated £560 million to undertake the planned deep maintenance and life extension program for HMS Victorious, one of the UK’s Vanguard Class nuclear submarines.

The multi-year life extension program will deliver HMS Victorious back to the Royal Navy modernized and improved, enabling it to continue operational patrols well into the 2030s. Work on the submarine is already underway, following a commitment by the Department to authorize early-works from July 2023.

Through the HMS Victorious program, more than 1,000 jobs will be sustained in the southwest. Alongside this, Babcock is continuing to build its workforce through its Plymouth-based Babcock Skills Academy, which includes a focus on submarine support and the critical nuclear skills required to perform deep submarine maintenance.

HMS Victorious is the second Vanguard Class submarine to undergo a life extension package at Babcock’s Devonport facility. It performs a vital role as part of the UK’s critical continuous at sea deterrent and represents one of the most complex pieces of engineering there is.

Babcock CEO David Lockwood, said: “Delivering the program for this vital and complex defense asset is our top priority. We are proud to have been awarded this complex defense program which will use our deep engineering expertise to help keep the UK safe.”

Babcock’s supports all of the UK’s submarine fleet. The capability and experience gained through delivery of similar complex projects, combined with new ways of working, is being applied to deliver this important overhaul program at pace.

Defense Secretary Grant Shapps, added: “In an increasingly dangerous world, it is crucial that we continue to invest in one of our most important assets, our nuclear deterrent.

“This is another UK partnership with Babcock, that will help keep the UK safe, while boosting the local economy and supporting 1,000 jobs.

“On my recent visit to HMNB Devonport it was a privilege to speak with sailors and staff whose work directly contributes to our national security.”

The program is being delivered at Babcock’s facility in Devonport where a major infrastructure program is underway to ensure the future capability requirements of the Royal Navy and the submarine enterprise are met for decades to come from state-of-the-art facilities.


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