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TAKE 5 with Ocean ICT: Seequent

TAKE 5 with Ocean ICT: Seequent

Seequent is a leader in earth modeling, geo-data management and team collaboration software. In this TAKE 5, we hear from Matt Grove, Regional Manager, Environment, at Seequent, to find out more about how they employ their technology in the ocean industry.

ON&T: What role does your company play in marine and ocean information and communication technology (ICT) space?

Seequent, The Bentley Subsurface Company, helps organizations to understand the underground, giving them the confidence to make better decisions faster.

Seequent builds world-leading technology at the forefront of Earth sciences, transforming how our customers work. We operate in 150 countries while proudly maintaining headquarters in New Zealand.

Seequent is an industry leader in the marine and ocean ICT space. We offer innovative subsurface software solutions, including Oasis montaj, Leapfrog, Seequent Central, Imago, PLAXIS, OpenGround, and AGS' ResXDInv and Workbench, which empower geoscientists with advanced tools for data processing, interpretation, and visualization. These solutions are crucial for the precise, efficient, and safer execution of offshore projects.

At Oceanology International 2024, we will be demonstrating a connected workflow integrating our Geophysics and Geotechnical portfolios to create an integrated offshore ground model that includes Oasis montaj, OpenGround and Leapfrog.

ON&T: How do you see breakthroughs in ICT capabilities shaping the evolution of the ocean industry?

Breakthroughs in ICT capabilities are fundamentally reshaping the ocean industry. The advancements in remote operations and the integration of networked assets, particularly with the rise of IoT technology, are streamlining offshore processes, improving efficiency, and enhancing safety. This shift is particularly evident in offshore wind farm development, where IoT enables real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance, reducing operational costs and extending equipment lifespan. Our expanding portfolio and cloud capabilities align with these technological advancements to support the evolution of ocean-based ICT.

Offshore Windfarm Ground Model. (Image credit: Seequent)

Our most innovative work stems from the comprehensive integration of our Geophysics and Geotechnical portfolios to create integrated offshore ground modeling. This approach combines adaptive and interactive ground models with regional geological, geophysical, and geotechnical assessments. Through iterative updates that incorporate a wide range of factual and interpretive geo-data, including morphological, geophysical, and geotechnical datasets, we enable our user community to perform geohazard assessments, drilling/shallow hazard assessments, engineering unit identification, understanding of expected ground behavior, development of geotechnical design parameters, ground-based risk identification and management, as well as assessments of lateral and vertical ground variability. Our expertise extends to offshore foundation design, Finite Element Modeling, and seabed mobility, providing essential support to our expanding customer base in the ocean industry.

ON&T: Are there any recent or upcoming launches/projects/milestones/announcements you want to share with us?

Seequent is launching limited availability of the foundational capability of Evo, our cloud-based ecosystem, and the connected future of technology for the subsurface. Seequent Evo is the next stage in our journey to evolve how organizations work through a better understanding of the subsurface. Evo is about openly connecting Seequent, customer, and third-party solutions and workflows through a unified data platform with collaborative workspaces and secure, efficient data storage and hosting.

We are also developing technologies for the academic sector, such as the upcoming release of our free tool for earth science students called Visible Geology, to enhance the learning and understanding of structural modeling and geology.

Image3 uxo marine laptopUXO Target detection with UXO Marine. (Image credit: Seequent)

ON&T: What are you looking forward to most about Oceanology International 2024?

We are looking forward to Oceanology International 2024 for many reasons. It provides an excellent opportunity to expand our network, fostering valuable connections within the marine and ocean industry. Also, this is the perfect event to support existing customers and meet new ones in this space. Additionally, the event offers insightful technical discussions, knowledge acquisition from industry experts, and collaborative brainstorming with sector leaders to support our planning for the years ahead.

ON&T: The future of ocean-based ICT hinges on…

The future of ocean-based ICT hinges on seamlessly integrating interoperable cloud-based solutions and advanced software tools to enhance sustainability, safety, and operational efficiency.

Seequent will be exhibiting in the Oceanology International 2024 Ocean ICT Pavilion—powered by ON&T Magazine. You can find them at the Ocean ICT pavilion on the Oceanology floor to chat more about the ICT solutions for the ocean industry.



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