TAKE 5 with Ocean ICT: European Space Agency

TAKE 5 with Ocean ICT: European Space Agency

The European Space Agency’s Space Solutions plays an integral role in the ocean industry through specialized technology projects, strategic partnerships, and the funding of sustainable maritime initiatives. In this TAKE 5, we catch up with Grant Day, Business Applications UK Region Ambassador, Southwest England & Wales, at ESA, to find out more.

ON&T: What role does your company play in marine and ocean information and communication technology (ICT) space?

ESA Space Solutions is the go-to place for great business ideas involving space in all areas of society and the economy. Offering funding, business, and technical support to help to generate successful business and create jobs. ESA has a fantastic portfolio of ocean information and communication technology projects supported where companies have taken ideas from concept to commercialize key products and services in the domain.

ON&T: How do you see breakthroughs in ICT capabilities shaping the evolution of the ocean industry?

From a personal view, I am particularly excited by the opportunities that autonomous systems supported by space technologies offer operations and maintenance (O&M), especially as renewable energy installations move further offshore.

ON&T: Are there any recent or upcoming launches/projects/milestones/announcements you want to share with us?

In 2023, ESA launched the Space for Maritime Task Force. The Task Force aims to contribute to sustainability and maritime safety by increasing the use of innovative integrated solutions that exploit digital and space technologies, such as communications, navigation, and earth observation. Through this process, ESA has built strategic partnerships and supported several initiatives addressing domains such as maritime sustainability, ship tracking via satellite-based automatic identification systems (AIS), smart routing, autonomous vessels, water quality monitoring, the reduction of marine pollution and the green transition of ports’ eco-systems.

ESA Space Solutions. (Image credit: ESA)

ON&T: What are you looking forward to most about Oceanology International 2024?

I am most looking forward to speaking to companies that have interesting ideas and could do with some support in taking their ideas from concept to commercial success.

ON&T: The future of ocean-based ICT hinges on…

The future of ocean-based ICT hinges on remaining focused on customer and user needs. Ocean-based ICT is a domain where technology push can be an expensive pitfall.

The European Space Agency will be exhibiting in the Oceanology International 2024 Ocean ICT Pavilion—powered by ON&T Magazine. You can find them at the Ocean ICT pavilion in R200 on the Oceanology floor to chat more about the ICT solutions for the ocean industry.




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