July - FORUM SUBSEA PROVIDES "Everything Remotely Possible"

By: Donna J. Smith, Director – Marketing & Communications Forum Energy Technologies

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and providers of ROV components and equipment, Forum Subsea Technologies has earned a reputation for reliability, efficiency and exceptional performance. Forum has the most extensive range of remotely operated vehicles in the industry. Its Perry™ and Sub- Atlantic™ brands of ROVs are used around the world by the defense, marine, oil and gas, and deepwater construction industries.

LARSThe Perry™ XLX Evo is the next generation of Perry™ Work Class ROVs and provides the industry with one of the most robust, reliable and dependable vehicles in the industry. The Perry™ XLX Evo offers extensively reconfigured vehicle control system components. The electrical junction boxes have been redesigned to ease maintenance and the addition of equipment. The user power supply system has also been redesigned to eliminate the need for a one atmospheric control can and to allow ease of configuration.

The Perry™ XLX EVO system also features an enhanced and fully integrated survey system, offering interfaces compatible with all modern survey equipment, including subbottom profilers, multi-beam sonars, and pipe tracking sensors. Thruster speed sensing has been introduced to give enhanced thruster response and ease of set up, yet retaining the sophisticated and powerful ICE control system at the heart of the vehicle. These new extremely powerful ROVs can operate to depths of 4,000 m supported by a payload of 300 kg and can be deployed in demanding environments, which make it ideal for deepwater operations that require significant power to lift, position and install subsea field equipment

The Perry™ T1500, made specifically for Canyon Offshore, is a heavy trenching system that can produce a trench to a depth of 3 m in most all seabed conditions, from sand to stiff clays. Capable of deploying non-conducting water jetting tools with backwash and educator debris clearance systems, this cable and pipe burial ROV can carry an optional backfill and pipe following tool over long stretches.

Forum's Sub-Atlantic™ observation vehicles are known for their innovative design and straightforward, intuitive diagnostics. They are simple and cost effective to operate, even in the world's most demanding environments. The electric Mojave, Navajo, Mohawk, Mohican, Super Mohawk, and Tomahawk vehicles also have an extensive range of tooling options. If Forum doesn't have the right tool for a customer's specific task, they can develop the solution utilizing their inhouse engineers and designers.

But Forum isn't just about remotely operated vehicles. Driven by customer requests, the company has assembled and introduced a full range of related products and services for the subsea industry. Forum's other subsea products include:

• Dynacon launch and recovery systems

• Tethering Management Systems

• VMAX Simulator™ – ROV simulation software

• VisualSoft – Survey and inspection software

• Forum Subsea Rentals – Full range of rental products, including surface, inertial and wideband dynamic position aid systems, sensors, taut wire, ROV instrumentation, trackers, sonar systems, manipulators and sonar leak detection systems

• ROV tooling rental

• Geoscience Earth & Marine Services – Geological, geophysical, geotechnical and archaeological analyses

• UKPS – Supplies technical staff to the offshore industry

• Syntech – Syntactic foam buoyancy material

• Hyperbaric pressure test facility available for rental

• Moffat Subsea Engineering, which specializes in subsea pipeline inspection, gauge launch and recovery systems and subsea connectors.


EvowhitebackgroundFrom buoyancy foam to sophisticated intervention systems, Forum is a dependable source for everything remotely possible.

The Forum experience does not end with the delivery of a completed product. Our clients have ongoing needs, and our world-class service centers with a 24-hour hotline are there to meet those needs. From our headquarters in Houston and our regional headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland to offices in Brazil, United Arab Emirates and Singapore, we are in prime locations to support our customers through Forum's wellappointed offices and worldwide network of distributors and services centers. Providing continued support and solutions after you take delivery is yet another quality that earns us a mark of distinction. We would love to hear from you so that we can better understand your problems and develop solutions customized for you. Visit f-e-t.com/yourforum to start a dialog with us.