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Data LoggersPressureTemperature


  •  Standard sampling up to 2Hz; optional fast sampling up to 16Hz
  • Up to ~66M readings on a single 3.6V LiSOCl2 AA battery
  • USB 2.0 download
  • Optional real-time configuration


  • Depths up to 1,700m (RBRsolo D), or up to 10,000m (RBRsolo D10k)
  • Up to ~33M readings on a single 3.6V LiSOCL2 AA battery
  • Standard sampling up to 2Hz; fast sampling up to 16Hz
  • USB 2.0 download
  • Optional tide & wave, and real-time configurations

DO, Tu, or PAR:

  • Standard sampling up to 2Hz for DO & PAR
  • Standard sampling up to 10s for Tu
  • USB 2.0 download
  • Optional fast sampling and real-time configurations for DO & PAR
26 June 2017

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