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  • Teledyne Cable Solutions

Teledyne Cable Solutions Claimed

9215 Premier Row, Dallas, Texas 75247, United States

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Teledyne Cable Solutions (TCS), located in Dallas, TX, is a vertically integrated manufacturer of cable and cable assemblies for demanding industries such as Subsea and Marine, Defense, Medical, Oil and Gas, and Industrial. With over 50 years of dedicated experience in providing solutions, TCS is considered a leader in its respective field. TCS utilizes a wide variety of components, materials and capabilities to formulate solutions in the harshest and most critical of environments, addressing issues from electrical to environmental performance, to flex-life and cosmetics. Our bulk cable and cable assembly capabilities provide application specific problem solving, working with your engineers to address individual projects or whole-system requirements. Rapid prototyping, fast turnaround, and quick ramp-up to production volume reduce time-to-market cycles. Teledyne Cable Solutions is an alliance between Storm Cable and VariSystems.
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9215 Premier Row, Dallas, Texas 75247, United States

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Ocean News & Technology
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8502 SW Kansas Ave
Stuart, FL 34997