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  • OceanWise Ltd

OceanWise Ltd

16 Butts Road, England GU34 1NB, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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OceanWise provides applications, services and tools that enable safer and smarter management of marine operations.

We specialise in marine environmental monitoring; are the leading provider of marine mapping data worldwide; and are the experts in marine data management.

We proudly work with those responsible for planning, managing and operating assets in the coastal and offshore environments and combine an intimate knowledge of marine data and operations with our close relationships with instrument manufacturers, software vendors and standards bodies to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

We provide specially developed products for the marine industry including a data platform, telemetry units (data transmission) and specialist apps which support ports, marine pilots, offshore energy operators and dredgers. Based in Hampshire, UK but operating worldwide, OceanWise are experts in marine data management and have highly skilled and enthusiastic staff and a pool of associates who are experts in their own fields.

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16 Butts Road, England GU34 1NB, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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