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Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.

United States
(808) 531-3177

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Playing by the rules is fine if you want the same results time after time. At Oceanit, a rule-breaking practice of Intellectual Anarchy produces disruptive innovation, as we consistently discover the edges of thinking and create breakthroughs in science, engineering, and technology to change the world.

We’ve built a culture that enables disparate teams with an elusive blend of people, culture, technology, geographies and values to see through problems like no one else. Across Oceanit, you’ll find unlikely teams of nanotechnologists, structural engineers and biochemists working alongside each other.

No two teams at Oceanit are the same. Empowering our teams to practice transdisciplinary thinking allows for extraordinary problem-solving across disciplinary boundaries. Our teams morph together and apart, aligning the best experts in each discipline to solve some of the world’s toughest problems. Our teams reject old norms and create breakthroughs that move whole industries and communities forward.
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United States
(808) 531-3177