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Ocean Specialists Inc.

Stuart, Florida, United States
+1 (772) 219-3010

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Ocean Specialists, Inc. (OSI) is a leading system development and advisory firm for global undersea cable projects and technology. With extensive hands-on experience in the commercial & economic feasibility analysis and the planning, design, implementation and management of subsea fiber optic networks, OSI helps clients to ensure their subsea cable network is designed in the most technically sound, cost efficient way possible.

OSI’s team has been created from a carefully selected group of subsea cable experts. Team members have experience as investors, owners, operators, installers and maintainers of submarine and terrestrial “backhaul” fiber optic networks. The company has an intimate understanding of the role each party plays in subsea cable network development and brings the right people together to create a project team designed solely to maximize success and protect the clients’ interests.

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Stuart, Florida, United States

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Ocean News & Technology
is a publication of TSC Strategic

8502 SW Kansas Ave
Stuart, FL 34997