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  • Coastal Power Systems

Coastal Power Systems

1030 South Persimmon Street, Tomball, Texas 77375, United States

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Coastal Power Systems opened its doors in 1995 with a background in Insulated Case Circuit Breakers. The founders Danny Davis and Don Cook had a vast technical knowledge of all major manufacturer circuit breakers with a specialty in GE Power Break I’s. From this point the business began to grow and encompass multiple markets such as oil and gas, commercial, industrial, medical, wind and solar, and many more. Product lines went from Insulated case circuit breakers to all types and manufacturers. Today CPS houses a 4000 sq. ft circuit breaker repair facility, over 20,000 square feet dedicated to inventory, and a fabrication area. We utilize these spaces to produce Retrofits/Retrofills, Circuit Breakers both reconditioned and new, Motor Control Components and lineups, Switchgear and Switchboards, Transformers and much more.
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1030 South Persimmon Street, Tomball, Texas 77375, United States

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