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Falmat Cable - A Winchester Interconnect Company

San Marcos, California, United States

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For nearly 6 decades, Falmat Cable (A Winchester Interconnect Company) has been a key supplier and a solution provider to the oceanographic and maritime industries supporting a wide range of subsea applications. We design and manufacture high performance cables for use in harsh and demanding environments. Our rugged Xtreme Cables are known and preferred worldwide for superior reliability and durability in commercial and military projects. Innovative cable solutions for ROV, instrumentation, towed array and many others, ranging from high flex miniature cable designs to rugged EOM steel cables incorporating high performance optical fibers and Ethernet pairs. Falmat offers an extensive list of stock cables specifically designed and produced for subsea applications. Visit our website: to learn more about our versatile manufacturing capabilities. Falmat is a Certified ISO9001/AS 9100 organization.

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San Marcos, California, United States

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