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HardBall® Floats


HardBall® Floats from DeepWater Buoyancy provide distributed buoyancy for cable laying, offshore, and oceanographic applications. They are available in a wide range of sizes and depth ratings, and only the highest strength, epoxy-based DeepTec® syntactic foams are used to form the core — no macrospheres or other high risk materials. For maximum durability, a thick-walled polyethylene exterior shell provides superior resistance to impact and biofouling.

A great alternative to glass spheres on deepwater moorings, HardBall® Floats offer in-line or back up buoyancy that doesn’t require maintenance and cannot implode at depth.

HardBall® Floats can also be rigged to pass across an overboarding sheave during deployment and recovery. This feature makes them ideal for use on the tethers and umbilicals of sea plows and other trenching vehicles. A unique attachment kit is available that allows each float to be quickly and securely clipped and unclipped from the cable. Unlike glass spheres or hollow steel and plastic floats, HardBall® Floats cannot leak or implode.


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