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Commander MK III Rescue

26 March 2020 - 31 March 2021 26 March 2020 31 March 2021

This ROV is a perfect example of how Mariscope customizes a model and executes system integration, according to specific needs of his clients. This model has been designed, developed and manufactured to be a vehicle for manned submarine rescue.

This ROV was installed on board the shadow boat HODOR as the rescue unit for the SEAmagine Aurora 3 manned submarine, that Hodor carries and operates. Commander MK III has a working depth of 1.000 meters, the same as the Aurora 3 sub.

Is equipped with 6 vectorized thrusters of 800 W power each, reaching up to 7 knots of speed.

Both front and rear Full HD navigation cameras allow the pilot to have live images of the submarine operation, helped by a Full HD high resolution zoom camera for close up images during detailed operations. A forward-looking sonar is used in cases of poor visibility and for object avoidance, as well as search operations. The onboard USBL tracking system is coupled to the unit of Aurora 3 in order to have a perfect positioning during the possible rescue operations.

The two multifunction hydraulic manipulators offer wide flexibility in the special tasks that the ROV has to carry out.

A customized deployment and storage system for the ROV was designed and installed in the vessel, simplifying the launching and recovery operation. It was requested that the complete unit should have a minimum footprint on the deck of the ship and Mariscope provided a unique solution.

The control and video consoles are fully integrated on HODOR´s bridge and operating systems in order to allow a full control of the ROV from there as well as from a portable unit to be used on support vessels.

Commander MK III Rescue is a functional and reliable rescue support vehicle (not only for the submarines, but for any needed underwater rescue operation), and its integration on board of any vessel following individual customizations results in a unique ROV solution on the market.

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