Water Linked Launches Innovative Underwater GPS System

Norwegian technology supplier, Water Linked, has launched a game-changing Underwater GPS system that leverages traditional GPS along with Water Linked’s unique underwater acoustic positioning technology. The Underwater GPS Developer Kit is available for order starting today with the first deliveries expected in June 2017. The system price is 4,800 USD, just half the cost of any other underwater positioning system.



This system will enable underwater positioning in a wide new range of marine technology applications. California-based Blue Robotics is the first partner to integrate the Water Linked Underwater GPS system with their remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs). “Our new system has the potential to revolutionize performance in the ROV market”, says Oliver Skisland, CEO of Water Linked.

“Blue Robotics is an exciting partner for us to work with”, says Skisland. “They have an advanced customer base, as well as a strong position both as a technology supplier and ROV manufacturer.”

Rustom Jehangir, CEO of Blue Robotics, stated that, “we expect that Water Linked’s Underwater GPS solution will change the way that ROVs are used. With accurate underwater position information and moving-map navigation displays, we can revolutionize ROV-based inspection, exploration, search and rescue, and other applications.”

Water Linked’s Underwater GPS system is designed to operate in challenging environments such as shallow water within ports or fish cages for aquaculture, environments where existing conventional underwater positioning systems break down.

The development of GPS and communication technology has been a key enabler for a wide variety of above-water innovations in the past decade. Once you dive below the ocean surface, however, both have been very limited. Water Linked’s low-cost new technology will open several possibilities, including the Underwater GPS system and, in the future, underwater wireless communication.

Demo videos: