Greensea, creator of OPENSEA™, the universal marine industry operating platform, has been selected by VideoRay as the software provider for the new Mission Specialist ROV. Greensea provides navigation, advanced autopilots, and automation for VideoRay’s powerful new customizable vehicle.

The Mission Specialist’s modular design maximizes efficiency and productivity by transforming to accommodate a wide selection of interchangeable ROV components. Initial configurations of the vehicle are available for cavitation, tunnel inspection, and destruction of explosive ordnance.

“Modularity allows a product to be adaptable while remaining robust,” explains Greensea CEO, Ben Kinnaman. “A decade ago, we began building the OPENSEA operating platform with a modular design because we foresaw the need for flexible software to support the varied needs of the marine industry.”

Andy Goldstein, VP Engineering, VideoRay, Ben Kinnaman, CEO, Greensea, and Colin Riggs, Sr. Engineer, Greensea, conduct testing with Mission Specialist ROV.

With modular hardware and software, the Mission Specialist delivers impressive performance. “I am extremely impressed with how easily and how well Greensea integrated their software with our new MSS architecture,” said VideoRay VP of Engineering, Andy Goldstein. “This is a big advance for ease of use and simplifying the operation of such a powerful platform – particularly the dialed-in performance of the automated control modes, such as auto heading and depth. We couldn’t be more pleased to add Greensea to the arsenal of solutions we can offer to ensure the success of our customers’ missions.”

All Greensea products are focused on improving the relationship between an operator and their vehicle. “We are excited to partner with VideoRay, because the Mission Specialist is designed to help operators accomplish their specific missions. Greensea and VideoRay share the common goal of helping operators get their jobs done faster, easier, and better than ever before,” said Kinnaman.

Greensea recently completed final testing of the product with Goldstein in Burlington, Vermont. To test navigation and video capabilities, the team visited the General Butler, a historic shipwreck in Lake Champlain. Without any attention to ballast, the vehicle immediately flew with stability and control, c!apturing photos of the wreck’s historic preservation status.

The successful integration of the Mission Specialist ROV series is the result of almost a year’s worth of collaboration between VideoRay and Greensea.

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