UTEC Geomarine has announced the completion of a series of notable geotechnical survey campaigns which have included several deployments of new technologies.

On behalf of a client operating in the West of Shetland region, a program was performed using UTEC Geomarine's innovative ROV-deployed geoROV™ CPT and sampling system. A total of 111 Cone Penetration Test (CPT), 44 cyclic T-bar and 32 high quality push samples test locations were successfully investigated.

During the project, UTEC Geomarine's new suction anchor tooling skid geoREACT was successfully deployed for the first time and was used to quickly and effectively enhance seabed reaction and stability available for the tests, thus maximizing data quality.

Also deployed for the first time recently was UTEC Geomarine's new generation, high performance, variable frequency vibro-core system geoVC. A marine geotechnical and environmental survey was conducted in Dublin Bay and a total of 21 cores up to 6m length were successfully recovered during the investigation. The geoVC system incorporates several innovations which improve the coring energy and control available, helping to maximize sample and data recovery.

UTEC Geomarine's heavy duty Roson CPT system has also been successfully used recently for wind farm geotechnical survey works at the Humber Gateway project. The work saw 147 CPT tests performed to assist with jack-up rig location analysis. The high production rates achieved meant that CPT data of a total penetration length of 783m was gathered in 10 days despite high currents.

UTEC Geomarine was formed following its acquisition by UTEC in 2012. Commenting on the recent projects, Director of Business Development at UTEC Geomarine Jon Machin said: "We are delighted with the recent highly successful field campaigns and technology firsts which have been achieved by UTEC's geotechnical specialist subsidiary UTEC Geomarine."

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