Sea and Land Technologies (SALT) has purchased the Tritech AquaTrak™ Correlation Velocity Log (CVL) to enhance their rental pool and will promote the new technology at the Australian Oil and Gas (AOG) exhibition, February 24-26.

The AquaTrak™ CVL offers the benefits of a 300 kHz and the accuracy of a 1200 kHz and is available with the same connector and flange interface as found on most 600 kHz Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs), therefore, it is a complete drop-in replacement for industry-standard DVLs. The single vertical beam permits installation of the AquaTrak™ CVL safely above the bottom of the ROV for protection to provide the same high level of performance, irrespective of altitude and with a range of 0.5m to 300m.

AquaTrak™ uses an acoustic cross-correlation technique to calculate the distance moved between two very closely spaced pulses which transmit from a single transmitter. This innovative technique enables AquaTrak™ to run effectively at low speeds, a common operation when performing subsea operations with a Work Class Remotely Operated Vehicle (wROV).

Scott McLay, Sales Director, Tritech, commented:

“Tritech’s AquaTrak™ aims to transform the DVL market and this investment from our local representatives SALT has highlighted the market’s desire for such a product and will give their customers in the Asia-Pacific region, namely Asia and Australasia, access to the latest in ROV navigation technology.”

Edmund Goh, VP Sales and Marketing, SALT, commented:

“We have received strong interest in the AquaTrak™ CVL from many of our customers and our purchase of Tritech’s latest technology will provide our customers with a state-of-the-art navigation tool. The AquaTrak™ complements our existing Tritech rental suite which includes the Super SeaKing mechanical imaging sonars, Gemini multibeam imaging sonars and bathymetric sensors and altimeters.”

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