Trendsetter has completed another successful hydraulic intervention project utilizing their 15,000-psi STIM system.

A major operator approached Trendsetter to deliver an intervention solution suitable for use in the abandonment of an ‘unconventional’ subsea well. The well, located offshore South America, was in approximately 7,300fsw and required hydraulic intervention to both kill the well and to place a lower cement plug near the reservoir. For this project, Trendsetter was able to engineer and manufacture several bespoke interface components as well as to deploy the STIM system on an integrated mud mat.

Due to non-standard customer circumstances, the 15K STIM Manifold was modified for a deployment on an ROV-operated mud mat (as opposed to on the tree), while connecting the system to the well via a high-pressure flexible line. No VXT adapters were available from the tree OEM within the required timeframe, necessitating Trendsetter to design, fabricate and deploy a custom high-pressure interface adapter that allowed for pumping operations into the wellbore.“Our team was honored to have been selected to provide an intervention solution for this operation,” said Mike Cargol, Vice President for Trendsetter Engineering. “This project posed a number of unique challenges, all of which were overcome by the team resulting in a near flawless field execution for the operator. The successful completion of this project once again displays Trendsetter’s commitment to our clients and our continued focus to deliver innovative solutions for the intervention market.”

Trendsetter Engineering, Inc. is a privately owned oil and gas service company based in Houston, Texas which provides specialized subsea hardware and offshore service solutions globally from exploration drilling through abandonment.

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