Imagine swimmers listening to music streamed from a waterproof smartphone that is also being used to monitor heart rate, temperature, stress or location. At the end of the swim, the user can see a log of the number of strokes, speed, acceleration and depth. This is possible for the first time, thanks to an Edinburgh-based underwater electronics company opening up its wireless communications technology to the commercial marketplace.

WFS Technologies has established itself as the world leader in Seatooth® technology, a through-water wireless communications system. Up until now, this has been mostly used in the offshore and defence sectors. Seatooth technology, however, can be equally applied to smartphones, smart watches and wrist-based performance monitors.

“Consider how WiFi has impacted the way people run their everyday lives,” said Brendan Hyland, Chairman of WFS Technologies. “In the past, it has not been possible to extend wireless communications to devices in water. WFS’s patented Seatooth technology, however, allows this to happen.

“At one time, the telephone was just used to communicate verbally. Today, it does far more than that: it is an enabler of applications. It plays music, plots location, measures fitness and much more. Seatooth technology extends many of these applications into the underwater world. Its use is only limited by the imagination. It not only has exercise benefits, but also has potential life-saving ramifications.”

Much has been said about the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). This describes the process of embedding sensors and electronics into physical objects and allowing them to communicate with each other. Seatooth Technology, however, heralds the ‘Subsea Internet of Things®’. This is based on devices and sensors enabled with Seatooth technology, that can stream data, voice and video, extending IoT into water sports, environmental monitoring and commercial activities.

In working with some of the world’s leading consumer product innovators, WFS foresees the delivery of Subsea Internet of Things® technology right into the hands of the public.

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