On August 29, 2018, the 30th Ocean Surveying and Mapping Academic Seminar was held in Zhuhai. The event was hosted by the Ocean Surveying and Mapping Committee of the China Society of Surveying and co-organized by Oceanalpha Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

The conference attracted nearly 200 representatives from the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Water Resources, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Navy, and surveying and mapping instruments manufacturers.

On August 31, the participants visited Oceanalpha's unmanned ship base and watched a joint exhibition of surveying instruments based on unmanned ships.

Joint operation of USV, multibeam echo sounder, and 3D scanner

The M40USV from Oceanalpha is deployed with Reson T20P multibeam echo sounder and the Merlin 3D laser scanner.

The technician was able to control the USV and both equipment on the base station on shore. Video and survey data were sent back in real-time so the whole survey process is under the close monitor and quick adjustments are allowed because of the flexible operation mode.

OceanAlpha2Oceanalpha M40USV deployed with the 3D scanner and multibeam echo sounder

In this combination, data from the 3D scanner and the multibeam echo sounder can be synchronized and simultaneously produce an accurate dataset of the environment above and below the water line on the base station.

The full marine environment can be mapped autonomously in a single pass, greatly improves the working efficiency and reduce costs.

OceanAlpha3Image output by Merlin 3D laser scanner

Demonstration of USV and SES2000 SBP

The SES-2000 series is designed for shallow water operations such as nearshore and river courses with a water depth of fewer than 400 meters. When carrying the SBP, the M40USV only merges 40cm into the water surface, which is ideal for shallow water operation like surveys in rivers, harbors,coastal areas and sediment investigation for dredging projects.

OceanAlpha4Participants watch the survey process on the USV base station monitor

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