Teledyne RESON announces that the Greenland Climate Research Centre will be taking delivery of a SeaBat T50-R Extended Range high-resolution multibeam sonar. The sonar will be hull mounted on R/V Sanna.

R/V Sanna operates as a research vessel on the West Greenland coast, collecting valuable data about Greenland’s marine resources and oceanographic environment.

The Greenland Climate Research Centre is a part of Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, and the researchers will utilize the Seabat T50-R ER capabilities to map seabed topography and marine habitats in the 200-800 m deep waters of the Greenland shelf.

The SeaBat T50-R Extended Range builds on the market leading SeaBat T-series, which is designed with highly configurable and modular system components.

The sonar is designed with the intention to enable customers to operate in deeper waters without compromising the well-known SeaBat data quality.

The Greenland Climate Research Centre will take delivery of their new SeaBat sonar in early 2018. This state-of-the-art acoustic system was funded by Åge V. Jensens Fonde.

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