Stevens Institute of Technology to License Passive Acoustic Detection System to Sonardyne

Stevens Institute of Technlogy and Sonardyne Inc., a subsidiary of UK based Sonardyne International Ltd., manufacturer of subsea navigation and security technologies, have executed a licensing agreement for intellectual property of the Stevens Passive Acoustic Detections Systems (SPADES), which uses sound processing, detect, track and classify vessels, swimmers and divers.

SPADES complements the Sentinel active sonar to provide a unique, integrated solution for dealing with underwater and surface threats. 

Researchers at Stevens developed SPADES as a cost effective, highly-portable, near shore and harbor surveillance system to protect naval ships, ports, waterways, and high-value maritime assets from threats posed by divers or small vessels. SPADES can be used standalone, or to augment a Sentinel active sonar, to provide an enhanced underwater surveillance solution. SPADES can covertly classify and track sound sources in the water without transmitting a signal that can be detected. This licensing agreement enhances Sonardyne’s defence and maritime security capability and builds on Sonardyne’s recent record sales of the Sentinel diver detection systems.

“At Stevens, faculty and students focus on the discovery of innovative solutions to important problems with broad societal impact,” said Stevens Vice Provost of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Dr. Christos Christodoulatos. “SPADES is an example of a disruptive technology for use in the maritime security domain, where university and industry collaborate to commercialize university generated intellectual property. We are very excited about this collaboration and the potential deployment of our technology, as it will substantially improve classification of threats in complex harbor environments.”

Founded in 1971, Sonardyne’s expertise ranges from undersea networks of autonomous sensor nodes, safety critical positioning and control systems for offshore platform and navigating underwater vehicles. The company operates in a myriad of offshore energy and maritime security industries delivering innovation in acoustic signal processing, hardware design, custom engineering and emerging technologies such as SPADES. 

“Sonardyne is already a recognized key player in the diver detection sonar business,” said Stevens Director of Advanced Research Programs Dr. Hady Salloum. “SPADES complements Sonardyne’s active system, Sentinel, to provide a unique, integrated solution for dealing with underwater and surface threats. We are looking forward to working together.” 

“Through investment and diversification, Sonardyne is committed to the development and creation of innovative and exciting technologies,” commented Sonardyne’s Managing Director, John Ramsden. “We have built one of the most unique and vibrant subsea engineering companies, able to create solutions for a very diverse range of clients and applications. Our technology partnership with Stevens will bring to market a unique combination of underwater surveillance capabilities that will enhance the protection we can provide high risk marine assets.”

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