SMD Deliver Quantum MkIII with Gantry LARS

SMD have delivered a Quantum MkIII heavy duty work class Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) complete with gantry Launch and Recovery System (LARS).

The Quantum MkIII, SMD’s largest Work Class ROV, was initially released in 2012. The vehicle uses components from the Curvetech multi-platform range which are designed for reliability, flexibility and ease of use. The components are utilized across all SMD ROV systems, making life easy for the fleet customer who is operating different models. Curvetech components also give operators the flexibility to configure any SMD vehicle to undertake any Work ROV task, albeit with varying levels of capability constrained mainly by vehicle size.

The vehicle produces 1400kg (measured) bollard pull, which makes short work of handling assets during installation of subsea jumpers, trees and manifolds. The ROV is also equipped with SMD’s DVECS-S dynamic positioning system, which offers a suite of advanced auto functionality.

The tooling system on the vehicle is capable of delivering 220LPM (60GPM) of oil flow. This is a considerable amount of power, suitable for operation of BOP emergency intervention tooling and heavy duty dredging or suction anchor work. The Quantum also boasts a proven built in torque tool control unit.

The Gantry LARS delivered with the vehicle was designed for mounting within a vessel hangar. SMD’s dedicated LARS department worked with the client to ensure the solution they received met exacting requirements. The 12te SWL gantry LARS consisted of a heavy duty extendable three piece frame, umbilical sheave, damped snubber and rotating frame.

SMD is one of the world’s leading subsea engineering companies designing and manufacturing Work Class ROVs, trenching systems, and subsea mining machines. They have a worldwide customer base operating in oil and gas, telecoms, mining, salvage, renewables, defence and scientific markets, and offices in the UK, USA, Singapore and Brazil.