Scripps Institution of Oceanography, one of the United States most technically advanced, and highly regarded oceanic research institutions, has recently acquired the Shark Marine “Barracuda” ROV. The Barracuda will be used in conjunction with the Shark Marine “Navigator”, procured by the institute just a couple years back.

The Barracuda is a high power, yet lightweight two man deployable ROV, packed with technology and plenty of thrust to get the job done. The ROV can operate at multiple power levels, from 2000 watts to 6000 watts. Allowing for a small or large generator depending on the thrust required for the job. The Barracuda boasts a constant forward bollard thrust of up to 85lbs, allowing the vehicle to be deployed from vessels of opportunity, whether that’s a small RHIB or a full ocean going vessel. Scripps Barracuda ROV is equipped with Shark Marine’s Internal Navigation system comprised of GPS and Doppler Navigation System (DNS), with the option to use LBL or USBL systems.

The Barracuda ROV is controlled with Shark Marine’s powerful yet simple to use “DiveLog” software. DiveLog provides all the capability for manual, semi Autonomous or Full Autonomous operation. Using “DiveLog” the user can input known targets or mark new targets “On The Fly”, or input routes and different map formats. By setting routes, search patterns, and known target positions. Reacquiring targets has never been so easy. Simply telling the ROV to go to a target or perform a route unleashes the real power of the DiveLog software as the Barracuda cruises over the bottom on a precise course compensating for depth and currents, while recording data and searching for targets, with or without input from the user.

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