Greensea to integrate intelligent automation and navigation solution for SOI's Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle (HROV)

Greensea Systems, Inc., a world leader in automation and navigation for unmanned underwater vehicles, announces its selection by Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI), a non-profit foundation advancing the frontiers of ocean research and exploration, to join the team developing SOI's new robotic undersea research vehicle. Schmidt Ocean Institute will produce a series of three vehicles with advancing depth and research capabilities to comprise the Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle (HROV). Greensea was selected to support SOI’s HROV program.

David Wotherspoon, the HROV Program Project Manager for SOI is thrilled about the new addition to its development team. “Greensea has professional software engineers that have a track record of delivery and is emerging as a go-to company for AUV, HROV and ROV control system software. After internal and external reviews, Schmidt Ocean Institute decided to use Greensea Systems as they approach their task from an operator's perspective, which makes integration and functionality the project driver. We are very excited to be working with them.”

Schmidt Ocean Institute has already begun work designing the full ocean depth undersea robotic research vehicle and will operate at depths of 11,000 meters. It will be one of the world's only robotic vehicle capable of providing scientists realtime access to the deepest parts of the ocean. In 2014, SOI deployed its 82.9-meter ship RV Falkor twice to the Mariana Trench's, which is the deepest part of the world's oceans. The HROV will be the next-generation vehicle to help researchers gather data from those unexplored depths.

With a background that includes diver, ROV operator and physicist, Greensea President and CEO, Ben Kinnaman, understands what it takes to create an ROV that will deliver the precise, accurate, repeatable data the scientific community needs. “Greensea's technology is specifically designed to improve the relationship between man and machine. We make powerful, integrated technology that is intuitive to operators, so they can work smarter not harder.” Greensea’s turnkey solution for Schmidt will provide integrated data, sonar and video in a fully automated environment.

Greensea's technology has been tested and proven on numerous vehicles including large scientific vehicles such as NOAA's Deep Discoverer. Their product designs offer incredible stability because they all use openSEA, the company's patentpending software system anchored by a core library. The library provides native support for thousands of vehicle devices, which gives stability to even the industry's most disruptive technology. Greensea's unique experience providing advanced control systems for work class ROVs complements SOI's commitment to using advanced science and technology in the pursuit of oceanographic knowledge, research and discovery.

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