Rotech Subsea Ltd. has competed a major IRM scope in the German North Sea for glob-al cable player, NKT.

The cable repair job saw the subsea innovator mobilize its state-of-the-art RS2 tool - which is part of the new and more powerful 2nd Generation RS non-contact CFE/J range of equipment designed, built and operated by Rotech Group. The company’s RSG grab tool was also deployed for the job on a 50Mhz interconnector.

The one-month contract led to Rotech Subsea being immediately commissioned by an-other major cable manufacturer active in the region following demobbing in Mid June.

“We were delighted to successfully complete this one month scope for NKT on budget and on schedule,” said Rotech Subsea Director, Stephen Cochrane. “Our presence in the German sector of the North Sea - and the success of the job - didn’t go unnoticed be-cause as soon as the we had demobbed to Sweden we were immediately commissioned by another company to send our RS2 2nd Generation RS non-contact Controlled Flow Excavation tool straight back out into the field on another scope. I don’t think the equip-ment even touched the ground. It was transferred straight on to the awaiting trucks to travel to the next scope.

“It continues to be an incredibly busy year for us as word spreads of the capability of our range of unrivalled subsea excavation tools.”

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