The first remote metrology was performed by Zupt, LLC on June 16, 2017. To date, Zupt has performed 7 remote metrologies with the latest wrapping up last week in the Gulf of Mexico. The bathymetric depth data was completed on the day of the interface test since the 12-hour ROV crew had a bit of time left in their shift.

2 RemoteMetrologyAfter a successful comms test the rest of the day was put to good use and the depth data was completed before the ROV crew went off shift. The next morning with a freshly rested crew, the inertial data was collected with C-PINS and the metrology was completed. This last job showed another major benefit of remote metrology: no need to up man the ROV crew to 24 hours to try and limit offshore personnel and equipment day rates. Same cost to client, increased flexibility on ROV manpower.

3 RMredactedZupt, LLC is a privately owned, international service and manufacturing company. They specialize in the integration and application of inertial technologies to onshore and offshore survey and positioning services. Zupt was formed to put together over 60 years of combined expertise and provide state of the art platforms for the provision of these services. Their focus is to achieve significant gains in overall production, and hence reduction in job costs, through the use of this technology.

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