Award-winning explorer and underwater robotics expert Tim Taylor, President and CEO of Tiburon Subsea, has discovered WWII Submarine USS S-28 (SS-131).

The S-28 is considered the most important lost US WWII vessel in the central Pacific according to the former director of the United States National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Outside Magazine included the USS S-28 in their feature article as one of the top ten iconic missing ships waiting to be discovered.

871f1f82db602c578dff6841791cUSS S-28 Deck Gun Step

The USS S-28 sank on July 4, 1944 and was found in 2,650 meters (8700 feet) of water off the cost of Oahu, Hawaii with her entombed crew of 49 US sailors. It is also important to share this news with the family members of the entombed sailors and direct family members are encourage to contact

Tiburon Subsea specializes in advanced underwater technology supplying autonomous and imaging technology rental, training and support solutions. They are proud to support the "Lost 52 Project." This is the third lost US WWII Submarine discovered by Tim Taylor since 2010.

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