Engineering and construction firm, Innovo, has designed, built and delivered a fully electric modular motorized drum for a leading global subsea contractor in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Innovo Motorized Drum (IMD) for winding/unwinding Flying Leads (FL) was delivered in under 12 weeks complete with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) core allowing greater efficiency than standard systems both in terms of performance and energy saving.

Its innovative design enables the IMD to be loaded with a Steel Tube Fly Lead (STFL) pallet which is placed on a stationary basement fastened either to the ground or a vessel deck. A table supports, retains and rotates the pallet fully loaded of subsea flying leads.

With its modular design the IMD, which was delivered complete with drive unit and controls, can be fitted into a 20ft container, allowing for quick and easy deployment, preparation and transportation.

The IMD reinforces Innovo’s reputation for providing innovative and reliable engineering solutions to complex engineering challenges that improve its clients’ competitive position, and contribute to safe, sustainable and cost-effective operations.

Garry Millard, Corporate New Business Development Director of Innovo Engineering and Construction Ltd., commented: “This fast-track project is an excellent example of Innovo’s innovative engineering capabilities and demonstrates our ability to deliver bespoke technical solutions for our clients worldwide.”

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