EdgeTech, a leader in high resolution sonar imaging systems, acoustic release systems and underwater technology, recently delivered an innovative solution for deep water acoustic release mooring recovery. The Emergency Recovery Beacon (ERB) is a self-contained, programable acoustic command transmitter and transponder in a 6000-meter rated nickel aluminium bronze alloy housing that can be lowered from the side of a vessel below any surface noise, shipboard noise or thermoclines.

The ERB is programmed through a serial port using a computer running a terminal program and can transmit EdgeTech LF BACS enable, disable and release commands at a pre-programmed rate set by the user. The ERB is a useful tool that can be used as a vessel-deployed deep dunking transducer to get below a thermocline that may be blocking acoustic signals from reaching an acoustic release. The transponder function allows the user to range on the ERB. Product Manager Rob Morris commented: “Think of the ERB as an acoustic release deck box and dunking transducer all packaged in a 6,000-meter rated housing that you can lower off the side of a ship to get closer to your deep water mooring to ensure failsafe acoustic communication.”

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