Greensea integrates navigation, autonomy, and advanced control on powerful DOE vehicle

Greensea Systems, Inc., a world leader in automation and navigation for unmanned underwater vehicles, announces its software integration onto Deep Ocean Engineering's Phantom T5 ROV. The rapid deployment high performance ROV system packs power and versatility into a smaller, more manageable vehicle. With Greensea's sensors and software supporting autonomous operations, the T5 is an incredibly capable task-based observation vehicle.

“Working with Greensea during the integration was a pleasure,” said John Bergman, DOE's Vice President and Head of Engineering. “It was a very short line to getting the system in the water and demonstrating some truly amazing tasks, ones that have never been seen before.”

The Phantom T5 is the newest member of Deep Ocean Engineering's networked family of ROVs. The power and control system is packaged in a singular topside box, making the sensor integration a breeze for Greensea. The full turnkey solution provides integrated data, sonar, and video in a fully automated environment. On-site testing put the partnership to the test and the vehicle performed brilliantly. The T5 flew directly to a subsea target and demonstrated extended loitering and observation tasks that require the ROV to remain in a single location, mid-water.

Company President and CEO, Ben Kinnaman, appreciates what a great match the powerful T5 is for the company's advanced control. “The DOE guys are real professionals. Their engineering is top-tier and we were happy to work with such a strong, resilient, and rugged vehicle. We know that integrating any of our navigation, control, and autonomy packages on their ROVs will result in really high performance and increased capabilities.”

Greensea offers standard support packages for all DOE vehicles and every solution offers incredible stability because they all use openSEA, the company's patent-pending software system anchored by a core library. The library provides native support for thousands of vehicle devices, which gives stability to even the industry's most disruptive technology. Contact Greensea or Deep Ocean Engineering to get your ROV a requirements-driven upgrade today.

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