EdgeTech, a leader in high resolution sonar imaging systems and underwater technology, has released a new side scan sonar software packaged, Discover Blue. Discover Blue was developed specifically for police organizations, fire departments, dive teams, and other groups that utilize side scan sonars for search and recovery (SAR) efforts. Developed specifically for this community, the software offers a number of unique features only available with Discover Blue.

Discover Blue side scan sonar software offers the first ever Target Adaptive Software. This unique software feature allows the sonar operator to select a target type from a list of common underwater targets. Then, it automatically configures the side scan sonar system with the best settings to aid the operator in utilizing the sonar to locate the target of interest in the most effective and efficient manner. The software is customizable to each team allowing them to add their agency name and logos for reporting. It also allows for one agency to enter multiple teams for different shifts so each team within that department can use their own preferred settings. Analyzing a target is made easy with simple cursor click and drag measurement tools in the software. Additionally, once a target is marked and analyzed, report generation can be outputted to a number of common formats.

Discover Blue’s coverage mapper module has advanced navigation features such as survey line planning and left/right steering indicators to assist in survey line control. Background navigation charts, and satellite imagery, can be layered or blended with individual transparency control. Another unique Discover Blue feature is the tow height guide display lines which are visible on sonar waterfall showing the operator if the side scan is in the ideal tow height window.

From mission planning to target identification and reporting, EdgeTech Discover Blue and the EdgeTech 4125-SAR side scan sonar system provide SAR teams a complete package that can be deployed and operated quickly effectively for every search and recovery job. The new Discover Blue software comes standard on all EdgeTech 4125-SAR systems.

EdgeTech is committed to supporting the SAR community and always has a 4125-SAR system in stock and ready to ship.

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