DeepWater Buoyancy, Inc. announces that it has developed a Pop-Up Buoy Recovery System (PUB) and added it to their line of subsea buoyancy products. The PUB allows for direct retrieval of seabed packages, such as anchors, anchor lines, and bottom-mounted frames and instruments.

JMP 2482The new product was introduced in October at the 2017 Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop in San Diego, California. It was well-received by representatives, distributors, partners, and end-users. “We are excited to add the pop-up system to our product line,” said Dan Cote, Sales Manager. “It gives our customers yet another buoyancy tool for deploying and recovering subsea equipment.”

Easily mounted to any framework, the assembly sits on the seafloor until the acoustic release is activated. Once the release completes its disconnection, the buoy subassembly lifts free from the canister subassembly and rises to the surface. A synthetic line connects the buoy directly to the framework of the seabed item and allows for retrieval.

The standard recovery system is designed to work with both the legacy Teledyne Benthos 875 shallow water release, as well as the new R500 series release. Though this model is built specifically for the Teledyne Benthos acoustic releases, the company can also fit the design to releases from any manufacturer.

“This year Teledyne Benthos discontinued its long-standing product offering, the PUB-875,” explained David Capotosto, Director of Business Development. “This left our distributors and the end users in a supply dilemma. We saw this change and the introduction of the new R500 release from Benthos as an opportunity to serve our clients and, at the same time, to improve the concept. As with all DeepWater Buoyancy designs, the unit is thoughtfully designed and ruggedly-built for to the offshore environment.”

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