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DeepFlight announces that the Company has entered into a working relationship with Lloyd’s Register (LR) to certify DeepFlight personal submarines in accordance with LR’s Rules for the Construction and Classification of Submersibles and Diving Systems. Certification is one of the many initiatives the Company has undertaken in preparing to offer the unique experience of underwater flight to resort guests.

DeepFlight has completely re-designed the concept of a personal submarine through its innovative use of composite materials, and by applying the principles and dynamics of flight underwater. The use of composites has allowed the Company to build submarines that are lighter weight than all conventional submarines, enabling easy beach and shore launches that are necessary for resort operations. The flight characteristics ensure that DeepFlight submarines offer greater speed, longer range and unprecedented maneuverability, making a DeepFlight resort dive a thrilling and unique experience. Additionally, all DeepFlight craft are permanently positively buoyant, offering the unique safety advantage of automatic return to surface.

DeepFlight submarines will be the first composite-hulled personal submarines to undergo certification. In addition to working with Lloyd’s Register, DeepFlight has also engaged with the US Coast Guard. Both organizations provide expert third party validation on the innovation and safety of DeepFlight craft.

Adam Wright, CEO of DeepFlight stated, “We are delighted to be working with Lloyd’s Register to certify our DeepFlight submarines. This relationship validates our efforts to join the automobile, aviation and other industries, in utilizing composite materials to make safer craft. We see our work with LR as a great leap forward in submarine innovation, allowing us to open the oceans for personal exploration.”

Mark Daley, President, Lloyd’s Register Americas Marine and Offshore, said, “Lloyd’s Register is proud to be working with DeepFlight to provide certification of this innovative concept. This industry first has required input and thought leadership from a breadth of Lloyd’s Register’s experience. Working with the DeepFlight team and the US Coast Guard, we are excited to be part of this project in realizing personal underwater flight.”

DeepFlight is a privately held company that was founded to develop innovative technologies to expand human access into the oceans. The company has made significant technological breakthroughs, including creating a new class of personal submarines that apply the principles of flight underwater. In 2012, the company transitioned from a research and development organization to focus on commercializing its series of advanced personal submarines for the adventure tourism and superyacht industries.

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